Taste Connection in Every Cup

Cherri Cafe is on a mission to unite coffee lovers and coffee producers alike. By directly sourcing our coffee, coffee enthusiasts like you can enjoy the finest quality beans — while the communities producing them receive a higher share of the profit.

All of our beans are created and cared for with our full control and transparency — from the seed to your cup. With every bag you purchase, you invest back into the communities of Central America. You’ll fund childcare, access to clean water, educational resources, and overall economic expansion.

The result? A more honest, fair, and connected experience for everyone.

Our Story

    The individuals harvesting your coffee cherries wake up every day, invigorated by what they do. This sense of passion and gratitude forms the core of every single bean you consume.


    A quality bean can go to waste if it’s not locally roasted or properly packaged. Cherri Cafe works directly with producers who know coffee on a deep level, so your beans maintain their true character.


    We live life with open hands. Whether it’s hospitality. Humility. Transparency. Or connection. All of these values will be brewing in every cup you pour.